Ever wondered what was in breastmilk?

I am always surprised to discover that there hasn’t been done all that much research into breastmilk, it’s components and the impact it has on health. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of information out there and I’m grateful for it. But there isn’t as much as I’d expect, particularly considering how vital it is for the health of both babies and their mothers.

Anyway, good news! I recently read an amazing piece on NativeMothering.com which goes into much detail about the known components of breastmilk and the roles of said components. Amazing read. I was particularly intrigued by the presence and function of non-nutritive elements which essentially support the newborn’s health and boost their immature immune systems.

Please click over there and have a read… we’d love to know what you think and please share links to any other fascinating pieces you’ve seen around the interwebs about the glory of what breastmilk is made of.


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