Beth Rago, CLC – new site up!

Hello everyone. You may have noticed that co-founder Beth’s new site is up at our old url:! Please have a look and let her know what you think.

Also, if you or someone you know might be interested in a Homebirth Breastfeeding class on Dec 1st from 1-3, please register asap! Sometimes, with the focus on the miracle of pregnancy, it can be easy to overlook what happens after the birth and how much breastfeeding is affected by all of it. Taking a class with Beth will prepare you to approach breastfeeding with an open but assured mind, knowing you have options and a great guide to consult in the event of any struggles. What a difference knowing someone has your back makes!


Breastfeeding mamas

Just found this awesome gallery of generously sized mamas breastfeeding their babies. As a generously sized mama myself, it’s nice to see babies enjoying their mamas massive mammaries (as I call my own) and those lovely squishy bellies. (just my thoughts, only love intended – ajira)

Also has awesome list of resource links for breastfeeding blogs and info sites. I think I’ll add this amazing resource list to ours, for easier access from here.